Chip tuning refers to a modification of the software on a car’s engine control unit (ECU); done in order to achieve better performance whether in terms of more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel economy.

The ECU functions as the brain of your car, controlling processes such as spark timing, fuel injection, electronic throttle control, valve timing, boost control, ABS, and automatic transmission for example. Thus, when chip tuning your vehicle at Hybrid Tuning SA, we take into account variables such as your climate, the octane component of the fuel, and “bolt-on” modifications, ensuring your vehicle receives a custom mapped ECU which enables it to perform to its utmost potential.

The three chief variations in remapping are namely Performance, Economy and a combination of the two. Please visit our Services page for more information on the different packages offered by Hybrid Tuning SA. However, beyond these packages, Hybrid Tuning SA also offers custom packages; so if you have a specific need please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ultimately, Hybrid Tuning SA adds increased power throughout the driving range of your vehicle. This is one of the key elements as to why we are so successful. Some companies only add power to your top end performance which is easy and quick to do. However, when using Hybrid Tuning SA products, you will feel the difference throughout the full range of your vehicles performance, resulting in a more pleasurable drive holistically. In order to ensure this, Hybrid Tuning SA does a variety of testing to guarantee that you will get the most out of your machine without breaking the engine or other transmission parts.

While it is possible to remap ECU’s through the OBDII port; Hybrid Tuning SA has also implemented certain safety measures which we adhere to, so as to ensure no damage is done to your ECU. Not all companies have this knowledge which may result in them corrupting your ECU and in turn, lead to additional and unnecessary costs. Should your vehicle not be tuneable via the OBDII port, Hybrid Tuning SA can program the vehicle directly via its circuit board. This however is a very delicate procedure, and one which cannot be done by all tuning companies.